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Drones in Real Estate Photography

With the increasing popularity of drones in all types of photography, drones are also being used more and more frequently to help real estate agents and property developers make their properties shine. Read on to find out more about the advantages of this new tool that’s changing real estate photography, and how it can help you market your property or develop your building project.

An Efficient Way to Capture Striking Visuals

The use of drones in real estate photography has taken what was once a complicated and drawn-out process and made it far more straightforward. A drone can be used to capture video footage from all angles of the property in a few minutes, as opposed to having to set up many different shots of the property’s exterior, including arranging lighting and setting up the scene to be as appealing as possible. This represents significant savings for you in terms of both time and money, and can also provide more attractive photos and videos than a traditional ground-based photographer might be able to provide. Given that potential purchasers checking out a listing spend 60% of their time looking at photos and videos (as opposed to just 20% on the description), this is an important factor in order to give them the best possible impression.

Drones: A Powerful Tool in Selling Real Estate Properties

What’s more, statistics have shown that real estate properties for sale with aerial drone shots featured in the listing sell 68% more quickly than those which do not. Footage shot from a drone always adds something of a wow-factor to the listing, which is naturally more attractive to potential clients. 73% of homeowners with a property to sell also prefer to work with an agency that offers drone video footage, as it gives them a better opportunity to sell their property. 

Shots taken from a drone make the property look more dynamic, offering a full, 360‑degree view of the property that allows potential purchasers to get a broader overall impression of the property they are considering buying. This can also potentially save you the difficulty of having to organise a visit, since the drone shots already give an overall view of the property’s exterior. This type of photography also lends itself to a more concise listing: as opposed to having an entire album of photos from a range of different positions, the listing can simply be accompanied by one video shot from a drone. Some drones can even fly indoors, if the property is sufficiently spacious on the interior.